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Q How long does it take to get my VPS up and running?
Q How can we reach DynICT support desk?
Q Is it possible to migrate my current server to DynICT?
Q How many customers can I host on one Odoo VPS? Is there a limit?
Q Is a SAAS management panel available?
Q What are the fees for a full restore?
Q Full restore for a Managed VPS?
Q Full restore for an Unmanaged VPS?
Q What is the cost price of an extra IP address?
Q What does Pre-installed and Optimized for Odoo, Alfresco and Magento stand for?
Q Can DynICT help me with the customization on the VPS?
Q How often are back-ups made of the VPS?
Q What type of discounts does DynICT offer?
Q What is included in DynICT Managed VPS Services?

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